We've already found the hacked version of Waspy 3.0. We'd like to make it clear that those who use that version should be aware that the hacked version isn't entirely the same as the one we made. Those who really want to install harmful codes onto their computer so be it, but if you want to try out the software you can download the trial version and use it for 240 hours. This means that even if you don't load it into the DAW for the whole month the counter continues all the same. The software can work for months this way. We planned to extend trial version for those who asked for it; but we aren't a huge company, and because of the hacked programs more of our updates can go to waste, even if we have lots of ideas. For example Godlike - for which we started to develop version 2.0, but as of right now we seriously think about abandoning the idea considering that the hacked version is up in about 3 days. Or we could try to use USB dongle even though we really can't stand the thought.