Bitsonic: Analog sound on your digital system



Godlike 2.2

New functions: RMS meter, LUFS short loudness meter
Fixes: Notable acceleration with the modification of the graphic motor. More accurate FFT Display

There are several excellent quality Mastering programs in reachable price, but during long years none of them developed into the expected level. This software has been bought by need, and it includes some unique functions, that you cannot find at the competitors' products.

The most important aspect of this program is that it is designed to emulate the behaviour of analogue circuits and tape recording. Digital mastering often leads to an unattractive, harsh sound, whereas analogue systems generally allow greater control of volume and tone to be achieved while retaining the smooth sound that most listeners prefer. The software is designed to allow this sweet analogue sound from your digital studio.

Getting this sound is made easier by...
1) Automation of the Equaliser settings to remove nasty frequency peaks.
2) The improved Tube Virtualiser that lets you dial in just the right amount of saturation and 'warmth'
3) A Mid-Side Matrix to let you control the prominence of the lead instruments and vocals.
4) Multi-band Stereo Enhancer gives you control over the stereo image.
5) Multi-band Compressor.
6) Multi-band Paragraphic Eq.
7) A limiter designed specifically for mastering applications.
8) Overdrive. Use it on your house, electro, trance music!
8) The control player can be used to load and play a reference track.
9) "Amplify without distortion" /awd

The functions are all those that any mastering engineer would expect, and are provided by other mastering software or combinations of other plugins. However, I believe that the superior sound and convenience of this plugin will make it the best one available for a long time. It also shows that you don't always need a huge development team in order to make the best software; I have programmed this plugin myself to provide the very best sound.